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Designing Metal Handicrafts

Creating a marvelous art form out of metals found inside the portion of our earth is a skill that not everyone possesses.

But, Our India has always been a rich cultural heritage from the beginning of centuries, numerous rulers, ruling periods have synthesized this art form to what it is today.

Initially, metal art was not preferred because of its tedious mining and scientific treatment processes, instead, rocks and clays were preferred over them.

Meet Art Creation is the best platform where one can buy the best brass handicrafts and artifacts. 

Beautifully designed brass metal artifacts within your budget. Painting and handicrafts are the most cherished items of crafts and art, and you can learn them with us at our online classes at affordable prices. 

During the following years, people started to admire the metal art which made it bloom, people also started mixing metals to form alloys which increases their strength and durability. The metal art form has gone through an extraordinary evolution with time, from hand-minted engraved bronze coins to iron pillars in Delhi, visualizing these shifts in museums all over the country is a sight to behold.

India has always been a culturally and artistically rich country, where people love and cherish art and craft. Brass metal handicrafts have also been famous for their ritualistic and religious significance. People get huge brass sculptures of the deities and gods and goddesses for temples. You can get the most serene and beautiful Budhha sculpture from Meet art

Metalcraft evolution is just like diverse languages present all over our country, every state brings something more exquisite to the table in terms of their creativity, metal uses, etc. For eg: The streets of Srinagar, boasts of gorgeous “samovars” and bowls with complicated floral designs on copper and silver items, then oxidized to give it a much deeper enhanced look. 

Still to this date lanes of Moradabad are famous for the sound of the beating of brass to make utensils.

People appreciate Indian paintings and Indian handicrafts globally and we are proud to sell the beautiful Handicrafts and paintings online globally for people who love and admire art. Meet art is a one-stop solution for all art-related problems. You can buy the small and large paintings, covered with glass frames,  beautifully packed and shipped, also, you can get the best decorative item for your homes, workspaces and to gift your loved ones, friends, and family. 

Moving towards Northern India, Rajasthan has always been known for engraving and lacquer works, also Jaipur is popular for its distinctive art called Koftagrai work in which one metal is caked onto the other in terms of wires.

Register online for our special art classes and hone your skills to perfect the art of Indian handcraft making and paintings, especially the traditional Mithila art and Madhubani Paintings

Metal Craft recognition won’t be complete if we forget to mention the prominent work of Bidri of Andhra Pradesh, in which molten zinc and copper are put into molds and then later finalized with oxidation and enhanced engravings.

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