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Rang Badalti Zindagi

In the Indian culture, we usually grow up listening to tales of life, fairies, stories of true events that might have occurred long before we were born and we all love to spend our time with our grandma while listening to these tales. But if we notice deeply and intricately, we will understand that each day of our life is a story in itself. Life slowly moves forward towards small changes each day, making every moment of it special and different from the other. We are usually so engaged with our work and hectic life that we forget to live and enjoy our lives altogether. 

It is the Indian mundane stories that keep us going when times are tough, we relate to these stories and get the sense of life around us. Rang Badalti Zindagi is a book by Meet Banarsi, 

About simple life, stories happening around us that we tend to ignore or do not pay much attention to, but deep down, these are the real-life stories we learn from and get evolved with. 

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Apart from the creativity involved in painting and handicrafts, literature and storytelling are other art forms that soothe our minds and bring us peace. The simple books of short stories give us huge life lessons that might be hard to find anywhere else. Sometimes simple things teach us huge lessons, right from the way of living, the art of forgiving, nurturing self, motivational and inspirational stories that guide us towards light during our darkest days, and other important lessons. One can only get the essence of true life when one lives it and deeply understand the meaning of it. Meet Banarsi has beautifully tried to depict certain heart-touching stories from life around us and stitched perfectly like beads in a thread to help us reach the deepest corners of ourselves, find it, and help ourselves come out to the light. 

Rang Badalti Zindagi, the title itself suggests that life is everchanging and it never remains the same for even one instance. Therefore we must be ready for the change and accept it with arms wide open and a happy face. Life is the best teacher and we much are observant enough to learn from it. You can also order your book from our website, MeetArt creation, and get other beautiful Indian paintings and handicrafts online at affordable prices

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