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India has always been a traditionally rich, and culturally advanced country with numerous art forms. Some of which are globally popular, while some are at the stake of dying, but don’t we all agree that art, of all types, especially paintings give us a sense of peace and satisfaction by just looking at it? 

Artforms of all types including the rich dance forms, handicrafts, and sculpture making, simply mesmerize us with their unusual charm. From traditional paintings to contemporary art forms, we have evolved and come a far way. Though some art forms still hold their true essence and are famous globally for their originality and authenticity. Well, now it is so much easier with virtual sessions to learn, understand, and get educated about the various art styles, handicrafts, and sculpture-making skills with the best coaches and experts at affordable prices. You can master the art of making colorful baked clay sculptures, to advance in the anodized brass metal artifacts. Paint your world bright and beautiful with the traditional Mithila Art and painting style or be a contemporary artist with fusion paintings. 

Art is an expression explained better with colors than words. It helps soothe your mind, explore numerous styles and hone your skills to express better with each piece. 

It is better said to be the master of one than to be the jack of all. Though you can learn more than one style of handicraft making and painting one must put effort to master one artform with complete dedication then move ahead to the other one. Meet Art creation is a platform where you can buy the best Indian paintings online, that too at affordable prices. Paintings are like literature, layered and deep. The more you look into it, the more it explains to you and each time you see it, it tells you a different story. In a world full of monotonous lifestyles, hectic schedules, and being overburdened by work, it is important to take some time for yourself and admire the beautiful colors in a painting that might relax your stressful mind and calm your soul. Get customized miniature Indian paintings delivered to your home and decorate your favorite spots with cute little canvasses filled with life and colors. 

Order your favorite paintings and handicrafts online including weaverbird nest, Hare-Krishna

Bhajan Mandali clay artifacts, beautiful and serene modern Indian paintings, rich in traditions and full of colors. Each color in a painting symbolizes an emotion. Depending on the use of it at various places, artists can express their emotions in several ways, making the painting or their art apeak to the spectators and the audience. People who love art are welcome to learn with us at our affordable online art sessions, where e teach various styles of paintings, help with handicrafts, clay sculptures, and much more. 

Meet Art Creation is a platform where ideas meet reality and a whole new universe is there to explore with your creativity and expressions. Buy the best paintings online globally, packed and shipped with complete safety to their new permanent homes. 

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