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Do you recall playing with paper and making creative things out of it? Well, that was some other art form called Origami, but the other creative way to design and decorate your paper using creativity is called a paper mache. Ever wondered how a simple piece of paper can turn out to be glamorous and mesmerizing by just transforming it a little with our innovative ideas and imagination. The delicacy of playing with paper to turn it into something really innovative is called a paper machete. This art form is performed by multiple experts and skilled artists, where they cut papers into different shapes, paint them with bright colors, and turn and twist them to take some alluring shapes and handicrafts

Indian culture has always been artistically rich including dance forms, music, art and craft, literature, and almost anything related to creativity. 

Meet Art creation is one platform where you will find all kinds of beautiful handicrafts and can buy the best Indian paintings online. We also offer creative online classes for our skilled and interested students to learn new skills and hone their talents of painting and art and craft at affordable prices. Art is pure and provides peace of mind, which is relaxing and is the key to our happiness. Therefore we must learn to admire some kind of art, be it whatever keeps you going through the tough times. 

Well, paper machetes are sometimes pasted on hard surfaces such as wood to keep them for long and stay perfect without any deterioration. They usually have paintings of natural elements, landscapes, sceneries, or customary rituals and scenes of stories. 

Some expert artisans also use a little amount of starch with the paint that helps them get the desired thickness and also eliminates the need for it to stick it with the hard surfaces. People make beautiful; paper machete lamps, baskets, wall hangings, photo frames, dolls, and other artifacts, and handicrafts. 

The craft of paper machete required time and patience as it is a time taking process. First, the papers need to be cut into strips, dipped in water mixed with glue to soak it and make it moldable, then stick into the desired shapes with the help of chicken wires, thin wires to hold the structure together, and for stiffness. 

Paper machete is a good handicraft for all ages including kids as well as adults therefore we can all learn the art of paper machete together in our online classes. People from all over the world can also buy beautiful decorative paper machete handicrafts from our online store at affordable prices. Get the best Indian handicrafts and traditional Indian paintings for your homes, office spaces, and the perfect gifts to give your loved ones. 

Paper machete is also the art of recycling used paper thereby reducing waste disposal and being creative in our ways. 

So what are you waiting for, get ready to book your sessions online and for the blast of colorful happiness and creative fun? 

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