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Art and craft always come hand in hand. These two are the best ways of expressing oneself except with words of course! Indian culture has always found itself deeply engraved in rich heritage and cultural artifact significance. Multiple ancient clay artifacts have been found on the land of our country and we have been engaged in the same business since time immemorial. But what is the exact history of it? Who invented the clay artifacts, similar to pottery, where a special kind of mud(clay), is used to make numerous types of beautiful baked clay structures, big and small. Earlier people, especially women used to make these tiny little cute artifacts, such as animals, people depicting a historical or religious ceremony or story, or simply natural objects such as plants, and other day-to-day objects. Meet Art creation is one such Indian platform that glorifies the importance and significance of these rich artifacts and helps you learn how to make one yourself at our online classes. 

The best Indian paintings for halls, your bedrooms, and workplaces, painted with brushes, bright colors, full of life, hope, solidarity, and other beautiful life-related topics. One can choose their favorite and get the paintings delivered at affordable prices. 

Well, coming back to the handicrafts and baked clay artifacts. These artifacts take more time as they are delicate and require proper detailing to help them look mesmerizing, with the help of small details, perfectly baked at the right temperature for the right amount of time, detailed later with colors to fill in the engrossed features of the sculpture. Pottery and clay artifacts have not only become an art form but the symbolism of culture and custom too.  

The first creations based on pottery dates back to the Paleolithic period, as jars and vessels were found, although their size was small, it is also considered relevant. But with modern advancements and creative evolution, we have started with some amazing craftwork and clay structures to decorate our homes with. 

From beautifully painted baked clay handis to bright and cute coasters, we make many other beautiful decorative artifacts for our lovely clients. Learn to design, bake and paint your handmade clay artifacts with Meet Art classes online and be the perfectionist you’ve always wanted to be. 

The significance of handicrafts is not only due to their decorative properties but some people also use them for religious purposes. Other places in the world are also famous for pottery and clay handicrafts including Saudi Arabia, Rome, as ancient Rome is rich culturally and artistically, so is India. Indian artifacts and artforms have gained recognition globally during recent years and we are proud to present to you some amazing, breathtaking Mithila paintings hand-painted with nibs, brushes, and also hands. These paintings and handicrafts were earlier made as decorative items but with the emergence of the commercial sector, people have started to use more permanent paints, baked clays to last longer and have a definitive shape and structure to look more beautiful. 

Art needs no boundaries, if you like it, you start doing it, without worrying about the result, anything painted with love is a perfect masterpiece in itself, and there is always the chance of mastering it with practice and we are here to help you with it. 

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