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Handicraft and Women

Women have always been known for doing household chores and have stronger creative abilities than men. But do they get enough appreciation and value as the male craftsmen in our society? A debate to be concerned about. We see a lot of men entrepreneurs and very few women workers and entrepreneurs in almost every field and they are even paid less for the same amount of work the man does. In the field of art, paintings, handicrafts, and creative works, the concern remain the same. It is difficult to find good paintings nearby or the best handicrafts that are made by women. We, at Meet Art creation, offer the best and most beautiful traditional folk art paintings, handicrafts, metal, and paper artifacts that add charm to your home, office spaces, and anywhere you want. 

The most mesmerizing paintings, with bright colors, nature’s touch, carved with love and dedication are designed and painted by us, for you to add to your decoratives and be blessed with the unique artifact. We master the art of Mithila paintings, which are also commonly known as Madhubani paintings and are famous for traditional and cultural significance. Usually painted by women, with different styles, the dark black-bordered Sit-Ram Madhubani paintings, The simple bird Mithila paint are some famous and most sold paintings. The Indian culture and art are now recognized globally and we are proud to present to you, your masterpieces. 

All these paintings and handicraft items are made by a woman, an entrepreneur who works hard to make these handicrafts for you at affordable prices. 

In India, especially, women face this discrimination while working in the same industry. But we promise to provide the best Lord Buddha brass metal artifacts and other paper machetes with premium quality, and easy delivery.

Meet art creation is one platform for all kinds of amazing and awestruck handicrafts, where you can not only buy affordable paintings and artifacts but also the book of knowledge for enlightenment. It is a one-stop solution for all kinds of rich Indian art and the products are therefore a must-have in your decor collection. 

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